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Bathing the Baby - Book & DVD bundle

Bathing the Baby - Book & DVD bundle
  • Bathing the Baby - Book & DVD bundle
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  • A major innovation of the Pikler Approach in caregiving is the way it treats care situations such as bathing a baby a principal meeting point between infant and carer. The adult creates an environment where the daily bath becomes a space for the infant to express their first competences and gradually become active partners at this time of relaxation and free movement.
    Through detailed clips and snapshots of two infants and their caregivers at the Pikler Institute, professionals may learn the special choreography of bathing infants under 6 months old in the Piklerian way. The third part of the DVD serves as a tutorial of the exact movements caregivers employ to make sure infants feel safe and secure from being picked up from the crib to being undressed, bathed, towelled down, dressed and placed back in the crib again. Recommended mainly for professional caregivers but may be of interest to parents as well.


    The book of the same title further explains the benefits of this special way of caring for infants. As Dr. Judit Falk says: “If the child can trust to be able to influence the events happening to him, if he can feel that he is not a passive receiver, but an active participant of his care, then his sense of competence will grow stronger. If he is never dealt with as if he was an object - be it either precious or worthless - but as a human being who feels, observes, remembers and understands or will understand, if the words and gestures are not only nice but they also consider the sensitivity of the child continuously, then a real dialogue during care will form between the two partners starting at the youngest age.”

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