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Dear Parent: Caring for Infants with Respect

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Second edition
  • Infant specialist Magda Gerber shares the wisdom of her life's work.
    Magda's many years of thoughtful observation and experience help you to see a baby's capabilities and needs and to develop a way of relating sensitively to the infant you are caring for. Short chapters make it easy to find helpful and reassuring information about life with newborns and in later developmental stages of infancy. In this second edition, two new chapters show how RIE's respectful method of "Educaring" within a one-on-one authentic trusting relationship can be applied not only at home but also in a center-based care and in a family child care setting.
  • Author(s)
    Magda Gerber, Joan Weaver (ed.)
    Published by
    Resources for Infants Educarers, Los Angeles CA
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    9 781 892 560 063
    21,5x14x1,5 cm
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  • Magda Gerber, Hungarian-born early childhood specialist, knew Emmi Pikler personally and was greatly inspired by her views of infants and her work. After emigrating to the USA in 1957, she became involved with various associations caring for infants and children as a therapist. In 1978 she founded Resources for Infant Educarers in Los Angeles. She taught early childhood development classes various universities, as well as professional training classes and RIE parent/infant guidance classes at the RIE centre in Los Angeles.