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Unfolding of Infants' Natural Gross Motor Development

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Illustrated by Klára Pap
  • A unique, one of a kind catalogue of all static bodily positions and the stages of movement development infants go through when left to develop unaided and in their own pace. The detailed, accurate line drawings of infants by Klára Pap illustrate the unfolding of natural motor development from lying on the back to standing up. The drawings are based on Pikler's classic observational studies of infants at the Pikler Institute, who had the unusual opportunity for both secure, respectful relationships and the chance to explore through their own self-initiated movements.
    This book is about physiology, but the psychological implications are great. When allowed to be in charge of their own movements, infants also develop such capabilities as judgment of their physical safety, self-reliance, and coping skills that can be applied to mastery in other domains.
  • Author(s)
    Dr. Emmi Pikler
    Published by
    Resources for Infants Educarers, Los Angeles CA
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    1 892 560 070
    14x21,5x1 cm
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