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Lóczy - An Unusual Approach to Mothering

With prefaces by Dr Emmi Pikler to the 1973 edition and by Yvon Gauthier, M. D., Professor Emeritus at the University of Montreal to the 2001 edition.
  • First published in 1973, this book gives a detailed account of and critical reflection on Lóczy, the residential nursery as seen by two notable French early childhood professionals, Dr Myriam David psychiatrists and Geneviève Appell psychologist. They start their report by describing the orphans’ everyday life and the carers’ way of work at Lóczy at the time. Then they go on to discuss the principles underlying the Pikler approach and how they were applied in care situations, during periods of free play and other activities, and with regards to the social relationships between child and caregiver as well as among children themselves. The carefully created environment and the unique institutional structure made observation-based studies possible, which in turn helped further improve that environment and structure.
  • Autora(s)
    Myriam David, Geneviève Appell
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    Asociación Pikler-Lóczy de Hungría
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    2001, 2007
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