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29/07/2021 21:31
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Special Education within Lóczy - An Interesting Challenge (booklet only, in 3 languages)

Special Education within Lóczy - An Interesting Challenge (booklet only, in 3 languages)
In three languages: Hungarian, Dutch, English
  • What are the needs of a child living with special needs – in an institute, which in itself renders its little inhabitants in need of special care, due to the lack of an initial secure attachment a family of their own would provide? This tri-lingual (English, Dutch and Hungarian) booklet, a transcript of the talk given at the Pikler Institute’s conference in 2006, describes the challenges of and the great potential in caring for children with special needs in the Piklerian attitude.

  • Author(s)
    Dr. Sjoukje Borbély
    Published by
    Hungarian Pikler-Lóczy Association and the Emmi Pikler Stichting Nederland
    Published in
    9 789 080 722 538
    English, Dutch, Hungarian
    18x12x0,3 cm, 49 pages
    Article No.
    55 g/pcs
  • Dr. Sjoukje Borbély trained as an orthopedagogue in the Netherlands before arriving in Hungary, where she became a special therapist and a child psychologist, with a PhD in early mother-infant relationship. Hired by Emmi Pikler, she spent 12 years working at the Pikler Institute. Afterwards, she went on to work with children living with special needs at the Psychology Department of the College of Special Needs Education. Today, in addition to working as a university lecturer in psychology, she works mainly with the parents of disabled children in an early intervention centre in Budapest.