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Playing, Activity, Thinking. Part 1

Playing, Activity, Thinking. Part 1
  • Playing, Activity, Thinking. Part 1
  • Following upon earlier longitudinal studies on hand manipulation activities by Anna Tardos and Ilona Barkóczy at the Pikler Institute, in this film Éva Kálló and Eszter Mózes discuss the unfolding of thinking with relation to play activities of infants between the ages of roughly 6 weeks and 1 year of age. Through a close observation of the fine and gross motor development, they demonstrate how the physical activities of young children are intertwined with the early development of problem solving and thinking. The short clips of several different children offer an insight into what each and every child is capable of at their current stage of development. We are shown how early and seemingly insignificant investigations by the infant, from hand-watching to the manipulation of more than one object at the same time, constitute the beginnings of play and thinking. Little recognised milestones such as moving an object from one hand to the other, or being able to move the index finger separately and turn the thumb to face one’s palm are highlighted. This film offers a wealth of information for professionals and interested parents alike.
  • Autora(s)
    Éva Kálló, Eszter Mózes
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    Pikler-Lóczy Fondación Para Niños
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    39 min
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