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A Baby's Attention at Play / Die Aufmerksamkeit des Säuglings wahrend des Spiels / De l'attention du bébé au cours des jeux / A csecsemő figyelme játék közben /De aandacht van de baby tijdens het spel

Audio: Inglés / Francés / Holandés / Alemán / Húngaro Original
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Con un folleto que contiene las transcripciones en los 5 idiomas.
  • Based on Anna Tardos’s studies conducted during the course of several years at the Pikler Institute, this film focuses on the variations of attention infants aged 9-12 months display while engaged in spontaneous play activities. We are shown how the attention of children fluctuates between divided, sustained and focused attention, how long they remain in one type and when they switch or take some rest. Also comes with a booklet containing the transcript of the film’s narratives in four languages: English, German, French and Dutch.

    The DVD contains archive recordings. The sound quality may in parts deviate from current standards.
  • Autora(s)
    Anna Tardos, Geneviève Appell
    Publicado por
    Pikler-Lóczy Fondación Para Niños
    Publicado en
    1990, 2002, 2012
    9 783 931 428 181
    Inglés, Alemán, Francés, Húngaro, Holandés
    27 min
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