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Respectful Care and the Relationship with the Adult - in Dutch only! - ONLINE

261 000 Ft

Basic course in Dutch language only!

Date: 05, 07, 09 and 12, 14, 16 October, 2020

Location: ONLINE!


Please note that the coupon code 'Newsletter5' is only valid on our publications but NOT on seminars or parenting programmes.

  • This course will discuss the importance of attentive and respectful physical care in addition to some less well known aspects of the Pikler® pedagogy, such as the child’s developing social behaviour, and the characteristics of respectful communication.

    The course will underline the importance of the quality of daily care/caregiving interactions (nappy changing, dressing, nose wiping etc.) related to children forming their self-image and need for bonding. Participants will observe (through analysing video footage of the Pikler® Institute) how infants and toddlers express their needs and how much they learn from the adult during these situations. We shall also discuss the special elements of the parent-child relationship and the relationship between the child and the professional caregiver, educator or nurse.

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