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DVD n°55 - Lòczy, a place to grow

DVD n°55 - Lòczy, a place to grow
A documentary by Bernard Martino

This film is essential viewing for everyone who wants to understand the 'why and how' of this extraordinary place.

In 1946 Dr Emmi Pikler founded a residential nursery home in a house on Lóczy Lajos Street, a place that soon became known as 'Loczy'. The residential nursery was to become an internationally recognised benchmark in both the care, and the natural motor development of infants and young children.

LÓCZY, A PLACE TO GROW This 170min documentary takes us into Lóczy giving us a first-hand look at the levels of care, respect and attention to detail that makes up Dr Pikler's Approach.

Film director Bernard Martino has been visiting Lóczy often since 1982. He has become familiar with the place and is the only one who has been allowed to film quite freely everywhere.

170 min
Pikler Lóczy France