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Freedom to move on one’s own

Freedom to move on one’s own
  • Freedom to move on one’s own
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  • “Children who are allowed to move on their own, out of their own initiative, learn by themselves to sit up, stand up and walk.” Taking this observation turned axiom of the Pikler Approach as its starting point, the film analyzes the gross motor development, postures and movements of three different children under the age of 1 during their self initiated play activity. Made possible primarily by the warm and secure relationship they had with their caregivers in the residential nursery, these children were ready to move and develop freely. By moving on their own, children discover their own abilities, how to make use of their knowledge, and learn from success and failure. By moving on their own, they play an active part in the elaboration of their own bodily image, of their whole being, their self.
  • Author(s)
    Anna Tardos, Ágnes Szántó
    Published by
    Pikler-Lóczy Foundation for Children
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    30 min
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    100 g/db